ND Brussels / 13-14 October 2016 / Brussels, Belgium

Welcome to ND Brussels

13-14 October 2016 / Brussels, Belgium

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ND Brussels is the 20th edition of Elia’s flagship event, Networking Days, designed to facilitate professional and business development, offering a special combination of education, training, networking and enjoyment for our attendees, language companies from across Europe and with European business interests.
Our strong programme will ensure you have the skills to manage your business more effectively and maximise your service offering. 

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Who should attend?

Networking Days were created to support our members and friends, language service companies with a desire to learn how to grow their business, stay up-to-date with industry developments and keen to cultivate strong partnerships with peers from within the industry including:
  • Language company owners and founders
  • Senior Executives including CEOs, Managing Directors and General Managers
  • Production staff including Operations Managers, Project Managers and QA specialists
  • Sales & Marketing Directors and Managers
  • Administrative staff including HR Managers
  • Language industry consultants

The benefits of attending

For you

  • Build and refine your business management skills
  • Gain insights to support growth across your business
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest industry thinking and trends
  • Network and connect with peers from throughout Europe and beyond

For your company

  • Access the building blocks to strengthen and fortify your company
  • Understand best practice to support all aspects of your business
  • For inspiration and motivation to innovate and excel
  • Develop existing partnerships and create new ones
Join us in Brussels, recognised as the fifth most influential city in the world in the 2010 World City Survey (1) and currently ranked among the “global elite” (2) based on current performance and future potential.
With a commitment to influencing and contributing to your company’s future potential, Elia’s mission is to help your company as it strives to takes its place among the elite of the industry. What better place to do that than Brussels?

(1) Source: Eupedia

(2) The A.T. Kearney Global Cities Index (GCI) ranks 125 cities according to 27 metrics across five dimensions, including business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement. See more here

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What attendees have said about previous Networking Days


“I can’t tell you the last time (if ever) I felt so welcome at a conference. ND Krakow had a great group of people, interesting topics and was just the right size to allow you to really engage.”

Stephen Lank, Cesco Linguistic Services


“I can honestly say that ND Lyon was the best networking event I ever attended.”

Alexandru Tanase, kalimera.ro


“Elia keeps providing me with the content, mentoring and connections that I need to make sure my business will operate successfully in the next years.”

Marek Gawrysiak, TextPartner

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